Maintaining Your Website

A well maintained website builds  your business

Let us keep your website up-to-date and secure so that you can focus on building your business.

What is Website Maintenance ?

It is the act of periodically checking your website for issues and keeping it updated, secure and relevant.

A well maintained website is vital regardless of type or size of the website. Our website maintenance services provide both technical maintenance and content update.

A plugin that fail to load, a broken page or a content that is not updated can make visitors to leave your website.

What We Do to Maintain Your Website

Check your website for errors

Update WordPress Core Files

Update Plugins & Themes

Provide Security updates

Integrate Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Create Backup periodically

Update Copyright information

Renew Domain & Hosting

Integrate Facebook Pixel

Test your website forms

What About Content Update ?

As your business grows, it’s inevitable that your products, services, pricing, and other relevant information will keep on changing.

That’s why any business needs to update the contents in the website to make sure visitors get the up-to-date information about your business.

New product/service info, deals, sales, promotions, services launch, upcoming offers and seasonal greetings can be added regularly.

Type of Web Content Update

Page Content

Change/Update page content

Blog Article Update

Updating blog with articles & news/events.

New Content

Add page content with new information

SEO for New Content

Providing SEO for the new updated content.

Marketing Information

Add seasonal greetings, sales announcements, etc.

Album Update

Update gallery with latest photos of events & news.


What support we provide as a part of our maintenance ?

Email Account Management

Domain & Hosting Expiry Notification

Setup Email Client
(Laptop & Mobile)

Email & Phone Support


We started our business to help our local businesses to create website and grow their businesses into the digital era. Our aim is to bring more businesses online.

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