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Jun 30, 2020
A landing page is the simplest form of a website which is essentially a one-page website. As mentioned in the previous post, a landing page is designed for specific objectives which act as a platform to introduce new offers/promotions/products/services and to generate business leads.
And because of these specific objectives, the process to build a landing page that converts requires certain elements that focus on attaining those objectives.
Listed below is the must-have element for a landing page to be successful in its objective.

A Catchy Headline



A headline on your website is very crucial in providing your website visitors with a first impression and grabbing their attention for what you are about to tell them. This element ensures that the visitors develop a sense of curiosity for them to scroll down to the next sections of the landing page.

The headline should be able to relate to what the visitors came looking for, provide information about what you are providing and it should be short. A headline may also include a sub-headline and short description which provides a continuation of what your headline means.




Images are always a great catalyst in engaging website visitors to scroll and read through your landing page.

The images present in your landing page as especially the ones on your header should be relevant to your product/service. The pictures also need to be of high quality and fast loading.

A not-so-long explanation



The headline component of your landing page might not provide the full picture of what you are providing to your website visitors. Thus, an additional explanation is needed to support them and provide adequate information to convince them to turn into potential customers.

An explanation should be benefit-oriented and showcase your unique selling points to visitors.

Bonus: Why a not-so-long explanation? As we know, as humans, our attention span is limited and we only search and read interesting contents. In a landing page, the rule of thumb is to provide an explanation that is not too long so that your visitors do not have to keep scrolling down to read more and it should not be too short so that your visitors do not get confused or receive little information.

Social Proof



Social proof provides evidence to your visitors that other people have bought what you are offering and instils confidence in them. Social proofs include testimonials, numbers of signups, recent purchases and reviews.

Call-to-action (CTA)



A call to action is the second most crucial element for your landing page. This is where you persuade a visitor to perform the desired action as a response to your landing page. CTA includes Sign Up Now, Call Now, Buy Now, and many more. It provides the next step for website visitors to perform.

A call to action can redirect visitors to a link to your store for a product that you promoted using the landing page, a link to your website for the visitor to subscribe your services or a simple contact form that requests visitors information for follow up purposes.

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