3 Types of Website for Your Business
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Jun 22, 2020

Website types are different in terms of design choices and functionality. Some have a very specific objective while others are commonly used as an online business profile. Check out the 3 most common types of website.

Landing Page



This is the simplest form of a website – a one-page website. A landing page is built for a specific purpose whether to promote/introduce new products or new services.

It is usually tied to an advertising campaign as a destination for visitors that click the ad. It is used to collect leads and information from website visitors for follow up purposes.

Business Profile Website



This is the most common type of website design which serves as the most common use of a website, which is to display information about your company. The purpose is to provide relevant information and convince or become trust-worthy so that your website visitors turn into your customers.

This information commonly includes services/products that your company offers, introduction or history of the company and contact information. Also Testimonials, Portfolios, Terms & Conditions are normally included as additional information.

E-Commerce Website



E-Commerce website transforms the physical act of shopping and provides an online version of it. Businesses can sell their products in an online platform without the need to set up a physical shop and receive payment on the same platform as well.

E-Commerce is very popular these days because of their ease in providing a good shopping experience to the customers as well as an efficient platform for business owners to sell their products.⠀

These are the common types of website that are available and there more types such as listing, event, directory website etc.⠀

Looking for a website for your business? Contact us to know more about how we can help in choosing the best website type for your business and your business objectives.


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